Why is my dog not alone?

While my mom is on vacation in Montana/Wyoming at Yellowstone nat'l park and other such exotic destinations, I'm dogsitting her two English Setters: Truffle, 8 (brown and white) and Lily, 4 (tricolor, black and white with orange accents). Stella looks bigger in this photo because she's in the foreground, but she is the smallest. I've been wrangling all three for five days now. We took a quick trip to Jersey tonight to check in on the house while mom is away – freshly planted tomatos need watering, and there's a long story about a chipmunk that may or may not be trapped in the guest room.

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Why is my dog hiding under the bed?

Since Stella was a puppy (ok, she's still a puppy at 10 months), she has found it amusing to dash under the bed and bark for attention, paw/play-bite at my feet as I get close, or just generally peer out looking sad and neglected, as above.

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Why is my dog sitting like a 70 year old man?

I have no idea. Most dogs sit on their haunches, with their back legs tucked underneath them and their back more or less straight. Stella, however, lounges like an old man – hunched over, gut prominent, and legs splayed akimbo. The effect is especially pronounced when she kicks back in her favorite armchair. I'd pose her with a cigar and glass brandy, but I'd be afraid she'd instantly transform.

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Why is my dog on the Internet?

The other night, I posted a photo of my mutt on Facebook with the title, "Why is my dog sitting like a 70 year old man? I have no idea." Approximately 30 seconds later, this site was born. Introducing Stella.

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